Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oh, jane. why don't you sleep through the night??

it's been a LONG almost-six months in that regard. But, we're trying. Reading books, asking for advice, and hoping for the best. But, it's hard. Mere and I seem to be on slightly different pages--I'm more willing to try the tough love approach, while she resists. I understand it. I do. It's really hard to hear her crying. But, it's also really hard when none of us get enough sleep. We think it comes from her first month being so disrupted in the hospital, but maybe it has nothing to do with that. some kids are just lousy sleepers.

I worry that any efforts we make over the next few nights will be erased when we head out of town for the weekend, but I think we still need to try. right?

she's a wonderful baby aside from all of this, though. last week she really started sitting up, and is going gang busters! we now love squash, and reading books is getting more and more interesting. we also think she's starting to teethe--sometimes only a teether out of the fridge will do, and tylenole. but NOT baby orajel. apparently it tastes AWFUL. she looked at me like I was torturing her when I put it on her gums the other night!

I'm hoping this rough spot of sleep will resolve itself soon enough. It was kind of nice last night when she was asleep by 8. Mere and I actually relaxed! watched TV, talked, read, etc. of course, Janey was up at 11, but those three hours were great.

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