Wednesday, December 2, 2009

newest cool Janey stuff...

cool new stuff from jane:

1. She loves to call for Duke, the cat. She LOVES the cats. Can't get enough of them. They hate her petting (aka grabbing) but she loves them. if you ask her to help call for Duke she sings out a sweet little "dooo?" over and over again. One day last week he meowed outside her door when she was waking up, and I heard her over the monitor, "doo?"

2. Looks like a 4th tooth is coming in!

3. She's standing on her own for a few seconds at a time these days. And, loves to walk assisted.

4. Still loving the itsy bitsy spider, and she's getting even better at the hand motions!

5. this morning she was doing the cutest thing. We have this adorable little stuffed rag doll kitty that Sarah sent, and Jane is becoming more and more enamored. This morning I was playing with her, and cuddled the kitty to me. She reached out, I gave it to her, and she mimicked the cuddling! She loved that game.

6. She says no, all the time! When she means no, she says no. When she means yes, she says no. When she means blablabla, she says no. And, really cute singsong voice. love it.

7. she's trying to mimic the words "thank you." dear god, I hope I have a polite child!!

that's it for now. Feeling in a very I-Love-Janey mood today. she's great.

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