Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Janey's latest milestones and tricks....

okay, so Miss Jane has been VERY busy racing through some milestones over the last months. Because I still don't have a baby book for her (i'm a bad mama!) I'll record them here:
  • okay, so she was sitting at 5 months--all that junk in the trunk really helped with that
  • eating cereal at 4 months, and over the last 5 months has advanced to the point that she pretty much rejects all baby food in preference for people food. she has stolen her daycare colleagues' lunches, including cubes of tofu, and is loving stuff like spaghetti, soup, yogurt, avocado, turkey, pears, pineapple, muffins, mandarin oranges...basically, we have yet to find something that she doesn't LOVE. I can't wait to see her go crazy at Thanksgiving--all good baby friendly foods there.
  • she has a crazy fun peg leg crawl, just like her cousin Callum--sticks one leg out to the side and hops along with the other one bent under her.
  • she is constantly pulling herself to standing over the last two months, and is starting to cruise, god help us.
  • she got her first tooth August 16th, second tooth August 26, third tooth October 28, and is either working on a fourth, or alternatively getting a cold.
  • she had her first ear and upper respiratory infection in the beginning of October. I consider it a major win that she was in daycare for 5 months before getting sick, but I know it's just begun!
  • she talks. BOY does she talk. constant babbling, blowing raspberries, and squealing with glee. still trying to get her to say mama, but she says "uh oh" all the time, esp after she purposefully throws something on the floor. hmmm. not exactly right, but we'll get there. trying to get her to say Obama--I think we're getting close.
  • she's started to do more hugs, which is just heart wrenchingly awesome. esp if she's tired, she'll just lay her little noggin against your shoulder and smile a little happy smile. I love it. just thinking about it makes me want to cry. she's usually too busy for cuddles, but when she wants it, it's awesome.
  • in addition to knocking down towers of blocks, she's just started trying to figure out how to build them. it's freaking awesome.

just in general, Jane is sort of a brute when compared to other babies and kids. she rules the roost at daycare--the only girl, she has the other boy babies and the boy toddlers wrapped around her finger. and, if she doesn't, they at least acquiesce. she has a tendency to try to meet other babies by going for the eyes, something I really hope she gets over soon. :)

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