Wednesday, November 11, 2009

other milestones...

jane is definitely saying "ditty" when looking at (or for!) the cats. she's also slept through the night twice (hallelujah!) and is now climbing stairs. LOTS of them. all the way up a long flight if you'll let her. we have to stay behind her, of course, because sometimes she likes to sit back suddenly, or look back at how far she's come and seems to get freaked out by it. ;)

in other news, we both seem to have skirted last week's flirtation with sickness pretty well. Jane's runny nose cleared up eventually, and I felt great the next day (probably something to do with her sleeping through the night after the h1n1 vaccine!). now I am battling an upset tummy but she seems to be doing well.

we are gettign more and more excited for Janey's first thanksgiving--heading to spend the holiday with Mere's family in Roanoke as usual...T and M haven't seen Jane since she was a baby :) and A and T are always anxious to see her! And then, before we know it, Janey's first Christmas. It's amazing....this first year is going by so quickly! My little peanut is going to be 10 months old in just a few days. sigh. I really don't know where the months have gone.

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